November 2014 News

10 November 2014
Does “deforestation-free” mean the same thing to a small-holder farmer in Indonesia as to the head of procurement in a U.S.-based multinational corporation or to the government of a forest-rich developing country? How might policies set by international organizations engage local stakeholders in customized solutions? What are the key performance indicators, and how will these be verified? 
Review highlights from 1st-ever gathering in New Haven focused on understanding deforestation free
7 November 2014
During the last week of October, The Forests Dialogue organized TFD Week at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies to examine questions about “Deforestation-Free” and related topics. Kicking the week off, TFD convened a two-day dialogue in which representatives of about 35 companies, inter-governmental organizations, NGOs, and civil society groups collaborated to pinpoint the fracture lines that will need to be resolved if zero deforestation commitments are to succeed in reducing deforestation.