Brazil Land Use Dialogue

Brazil’s Forests faces pressure from land-use demands such as timber extraction, agricultural production, mining, cattle ranching and urban sprawl. Forests provide many products and ecosystem services, thus requiring an integrated and holistic approach to reconcile the needs of agricultural production, economic development and biodiversity conservation. The Brazilian Forest Dialogue, in collaboration with The Forests Dialogue (TFD), believes that providing a trust-based platform where different stakeholders can engage openly in conversation and negotiation will lead to a long-term solution to maintain the sustainability of landscapes.  

Amazon Land Use Dialogue

20-21 August 2019

Belém, Brazil

Second Upper Itajai Valley Land Use Dialogue

21-23 March 2017

Atalanta, Brazil

First Upper Itajai Valley Land Use Dialogue

25-28 April 2016

Atalanta, Brazil