Brazil Land Use Dialogue

Increased land-use demand over the years by activities such as timber extraction, agricultural production, farming, ranching, illegal logging, urban sprawl and pollution, has caused the Atlantic Forest to be at risk. It is clear that the ongoing efforts to reach a solution using traditional approaches, in which different actors work in a segregated and independent way, are not working. The Atlantic Forest is a common and shared resource, thus requiring an integrated and holistic approach to reconcile agricultural production, economic development and biodiversity conservation.
The Brazilian Forest Dialogue, in collaboration with The Forests Dialogue (TFD), believes that by providing a platform where different actors can engage openly in a conversation and negotiation process based on trust can lead to a long-term and much needed solution to address the critical situation the Atlantic Forest is currently in. This is the Brazil LUD’s ultimate goal.

Second Brazil Land Use Dialogue

21-23 March 2017

Atalanta, Brazil

First Brazil Land Use Dialogue

25-28 April 2016

Atalanta, Brazil