The Forests Dialogue (TFD) was created in 1998 to provide international leaders in the forest sector with an ongoing, multi-stakeholder dialogue (MSD) platform and process focused on developing mutual trust, a shared understanding, and collaborative solutions to challenges in achieving sustainable forest management and forest conservation around the world.

The goal of TFD is to reduce conflict among stakeholders over the use and protection of vital forest resources. Over the past seventeen years, TFD has brought together more than 2,500 diverse leaders to work through compelling forest issues in what we call Initiatives. TFD utilizes the multi-stakeholder dialogue (MSD) model to progress from building trust among participants to achieving substantive, tangible outcomes. A primary reason for TFD’s success is that participants are committed to advocate for and work to implement those consensus-based outcomes. TFD is governed by a steering committee composed of a diverse group of individuals representing key stakeholder perspectives from around the world.