Forests and Climate (F+C)

Forests are widely recognized as substantial components for climate change mitigation and adaptation, bringing the attention of the global community to sustainable forest management. As many emerging strategies in face of climate change continue to involve forest-related issues, there is an increasing number of complex topics needed to be discussed by the broad forest community. In this context, the Forest and Climate (F+C) is an overarching initiative where initial discussions usually lead to the creation of more specific, on the ground, initiatives. Climate Positive Forests Products (CPFP) and Bioenergy from Forests (BEF) are current initiatives under the Forests and Climate umbrella.

TFD is implementing roundtables as a scheme to efficiently scope potential initiatives in emergent topics. Roundtable dialogues are designed to address a shared set of core questions, explore region specific themes, and exchange core learnings across stakeholders.