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The Brazilian Forests Dialogue (BFD), Dialogo Florestal, was created in 2005, inspired by the model of The Forests Dialogue International. TFD’s first meeting in Brazil was in October 2003, within TFD’s Biodiversity initiative. At this event, held in Santa Cruz Cabralia, Brazilian participants began to talk about the idea of implementing a similar initiative in Brazil. Initially, BFD focused on the Atlantic Forest with themes of forestry as a vector for development and environmental conservation and land use planning at a landscape scale. Now, after 15 years, BFD is present in five Brazilian states, each with their own regional forum and working groups, besides presence in the Amazon and country-wide projects.

In the model of TFD, Dialogo Florestal brings together organizations, companies, environmentalists, academia, research insitutes, and residents to implement new ways of dialoguing. The objective is to execute common sustainable actions between sectors that are historically antagonistic in the country: the forest industry and civil society organizations. While BFD is largely independent from TFD, they collaborate with TFD on mutual initiatives, including the Land Use Dialogues (Current: Upper Itajai Valley, Belem Center of Endemism and Bahia), Intensively Managed Planted Forests (2008), and Tree Plantations in the Landscape (2018), and are represented on TFD’s Steering Committee.

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