Dialogue on Frameworks for REDD+ Finance and Implementation

5 August 2009 to 6 August 2009
TFD REDD Finance Dialogue

Built on the momentum of the first two dialogues, TFD convened the third and final dialogue in the Framework for REDD Finance and Implementation dialogue stream for 2009. The dialogue was hosted by IUCN on 5–6 August in Gland, Switzerland. Thirty-four participants from a wide spectrum of stakeholder groups participated in the meeting to addressed some key issues raised in the Montreux Dialogue and further developed a framework for REDD finance and implementation.

It was agreed by the Gland dialogue participants that this dialogue stream has primarily addressed issues closely linked with REDD finance mechanism but not necessarily technical financial issues. Thus TFD will re-title the “Dialogue on REDD Finance Mechanism” Initiative to the “Dialogue on Frameworks of REDD Finance and Implementation” to capture the broad scope of this dialogue stream.

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