Field Dialogue on Ecosystem Restoration to East Kalimantan, Indonesia

22 April 2024 to 26 April 2024

TFD’s first field dialogue under the Ecosystem Restoration Initiative will be convened in East Kalimantan, Indonesian on 22-26 April 2024. The dialogue will advance conversations surfaced during the Scoping Dialogue by engaging the private sector to support ecosystem conservation and restoration to increase biodiversity in Kalimantan. It will include field visits to primary forests as well as a variety of sites where ecosystem restoration efforts are being undertaken.  

Specific goals of the dialogue include: 

  • Clarify ecosystem restoration needs and identify stakeholders in Kalimantan, define priorities for forest sector engagement in ecosystem restoration, and co-create paths forward to achieve positive ecosystem restoration outcomes.
  • Bridge understanding and foster coordination between global goals, national commitments, and restoration actions on the ground.
  • Build understanding of successful ecosystem restoration approaches, coalitions, and private forest sector engagement.
  • Advance thinking and develop a cohesive strategy for how the forest sector can collectively contribute to restoration discussions, policies, and investments at global and national levels. 

The dialogue will be hosted by Mulawarman University, in collaboration with The Forests Dialogue and the Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest-based Industries of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, with funding provided by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.