Scoping Dialogue on the Exclusion and Inclusion of Women in the Forest Sector in Nepal

22 September 2012 to 24 September 2012
Nepal Dialogue
Participants in the field looking at community forests managed by a women's group

The Scoping Dialogue was convened to create a better understanding of the constraints to and perceived advantages of including women in the governance of natural resource management. The topic was explored through the viewpoints of varied stakeholder groups including community groups, forest user groups, indigenous peoples, forest-related companies, development agencies government bodies and international agencies.  The Scoping Dialogue brought together 33 participants from 13 countries representing Indigenous Peoples, local communities, forest-based industries, investors, development assistance agencies, forestry departments of national governments, intergovernmental organizations, women’s groups, researchers and nongovernmental organizations. hosted and co-organized by Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture & Natural Resource Management (WOCAN).