National Scoping Dialogue Kinshasa DRC

12 - 13 March 2019


The National Scoping Dialogue was held in Kinshasa on March 12th - 13th 2019 with a workshop hosting 45 participants from different local and national institutions as well as diverse stakeholders involved in the management of natural resources and land use in DRC and Maingai Landscape in particular.  This dialogue served as a unique opportunity to gather information about the challenges of implementing restoration options from a diverse group of stakeholders.  Key Partners include IUCN, ICCN, and OCEAN. 

Workshop attendees identified the following objectives: 

  1. Share with stakeholders the main results of the assessment of restoration opportunities in the Mangai landscape using the Landscape Restoration Opportunity Assessment Methodology (ROAM) and involve them therein;
  2. Capture ideas and recommendations on the main challenges and opportunities to improve the common understanding of restoration potential in the landscape; 
  3. Validate the reporting and begin to identify strategies and potential solutions to address the common challenges of implementing the identified restoration options;
  4. Identify the public-private partnership potential for Mangai to build on the ROAM to lead the LUD;
  5. Develop an action plan / roadmap incorporating the government’s vision and lessons learned from the on-going initiatives in the country. 

Participants at the Scoping Dialogue additionally discusses the restoration options put-forth in the ROAM assessment.  These restoration options, as well as ideas captured in focus groups, will feed into the LUD in the Mole Ecological Landscape. Learn more about the outcomes of the LUD here