Linking Policy and Practice: Approaches to REDD+ Benefit Sharing

Event time: 
2 December 2014
Auditorium, Forests Pavillion, Jockey Club of Peru, Lima, PE

The Forests Dialogue in partnership with IUCN will release two reports on REDD+ Benefit Sharing during COP20 during our side-event “Linking Policy and Practice: Approaches to REDD+ Benefit Sharing” in Lima, Peru on December 2nd from 12 to 2pm. During this event the “TFD Review on REDD+ Benefit Sharing” will also be introduced.

Some of the questions discussed are:

1)    How should the multiple benefits of REDD+ be defined and used to incentivize stakeholders to engage in REDD+?

2)     How can the costs of REDD+ be identified and reduced?

3)    How can the concepts and perspectives of REDD+ benefit-sharing best be communicated among stakeholder groups?

4)    How can benefit-sharing be optimized according to the principles of efficiency, effectiveness and equity?

5)    How should beneficiaries be identified when rights are unclear? On what basis can benefits be shared?

6)    How can the active engagement of the private sector be obtained in generating and sharing benefits?  

7)    How can national programs be designed to accommodate different local contexts?

Interpretation will be provided for both English and Spanish.

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