TFD 4Fs Side Event: FAO Conference on Forests for Food Security and Nutrition

Event time: 
14 May 2013
-, Rome, IT

Changing outlooks for food, fuel, fiber and forests: managing the landscape in a time of food insecurity and climate change.

Leaders from the forest sector will highlight the importance of changing outlooks for food, fuel fiber and forests (4Fs) by sharing their experience from the Brazilian context.


3:30    Opening Remarks - Eduardo Mansur (FAO and TFD SC Member)
3:35    TFD and 4Fs Initiative Introduction - Gary Dunning (TFD)
3:50    4Fs Brazil Case and Brazilian Industry Perspective - Carlos Roxo (Fibria and TFD SC Member)
4:00    Brazilian Farmer Perspective - Jose Carlos Almeida (JFI)
4:10    Brazilian Government Perspective - Arnaldo Carneiro (Office of the President)
4:20    Brazilian Civil Society Perspective - Miriam Prochnow (Aprimavi and TFD SC Member)
4:30    Q&A
4:45    Closing remarks on the potential of integration of forests, agriculture and conservation - Caterina Batello (FAO)