Co-Chair’s Summary: 4F Scoping Dialogue in Washington DC

The Forests Dialogue (TFD) organized a two-day scoping dialogue on Food, Fuel, Fiber and Forests in Washington D.C., USA on 1-3 June 2011. The dialogue brought together thirty-six participants from diverse backgrounds, including forest (predominately) and food products companies, commodity roundtables, research institutes, and organizations representing government, conservation, landowners, labor, women, and Indigenous peoples. This dialogue was the first of TFD’s new Initiative on Food, Fuel, Fiber and Forests (4Fs). The 4Fs Initiative is designed to:

  • Provide thoughtful leadership, catalyze debate, and rally influential stakeholders around conserving forest values while meeting the growing global need for food, fuel, and fiber;
  • Identify key global issues of land-use, trade, and lifestyle that warrant further dialogue at international or geographically specific levels; explore if and how these issues can be reconciled with local or national aspirations;
  • Establish specific and practical steps forward on key issues; and prepare stakeholders involved in, or targeted by, dialoguing to pursue these steps.

The scoping dialogue was hosted by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) U.S., and sponsored by WWF International and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).