Democratic Republic of Congo Land Use Dialogue


Mangaï Landscape, Democratic Republic of Congo

The Mangaï landscape in western DRC includes Gungu Reserve and Hunting Domain under the management of Mangaï Reserve. The hunting area was created to protect buffaloes, antelopes, and protected primates. The Mangaï Reserve was created to facilitate the sustainable management of flora and fauna to foster local development. However, numerous challenges exist in the landscape that do not support the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. These challenges include the lack of trained conservation staff, land use and resource demands in and around the reserve, insufficient law enforcement in the management of the protected area, and inadequate involvement of local and indigenous populations.

The LUD aims to demonstrate and facilitate the integration of more effective conservation and sustainable forest management models into national and sub-regional policy and practice frameworks. The models demonstrated by the project will aim at showcasing how sustainable livelihood and conservation objectives can work hand in-hand and incentivize one another following a sustainable development and sustainable forest management vision in the DRC and the Congo Basin.

The outcomes of the LUD dialogue in Mangaï, DRC will be designed to feed into:

  • Support the establishment and operationalization of Governance Working Group (GWG);
  • Support multi-stakeholder decision making platform and community forest associations;
  • Help develop provisions for effective governance of natural resources;
  • Review and support the development of a management plan for the Mangai landscape;
  • Communicate and disseminate the outcomes and lessons learned.

Core partners to the implementation of the project include IUCN, The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, The Organisation Congolaise des Ecologistes et Amis de la Nature (OCEAN), ICCN (Institut Congolais de Conservation de la Nature).