Dialogue on Forests and Rural Livelihoods in Russia

21 October 2008 to 24 October 2008

TFD convened a Dialogue in Syktyvkar, the Republic of Komi, Russian Federation in October 2008 to investigate the connection between forests and rural livelihoods. Participants visited the Priluzje region of Komi for two days to see first-hand the conditions of villages and logging settlements, and to meet stakeholders from community groups, industry and government. In Syktyvkar, the dialogue focused on the social impacts of forest industry on rural communities, both in Komi and around the world. It was the last in a series of dialogues addressing the issue of forestry and poverty reduction that have previously taken place in South Africa, Indonesia and Bolivia. Based on what has been learned in these dialogues, TFD will develop a publication on this topic that can provide guidance for stakeholders involved in rural development and sustainable forestry.

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