Co-Chairs’ Summary: Land Use Dialogue (LUD) in Tanzania, Second Meeting

The Second meeting of the Ihemi Cluster LUD took place on June 12-15 with an intent to build on the lessons learned and prioritized actions emerging from the first meeting. The dialogue covered three days of field and plenary sessions supported by breakout sessions and group work. It drew a total of 83 participants representing the government, civil society organizations, private sector, smallholder farmers and national and international NGOs and organizations. The dialogue was co-chaired by Mary Ndaro (Care International), Jennifer Baarn (SAGCOT), and Michael Nkonu (IUCN). This co-chairs’ summary highlights the key activities of the dialogue and reports the findings. 

The report outlines a way forward in the Ihemi landscape through focusing on seven key issues:

  • Enhancing Inclusivity
  • Initiating Public Private Partnership Processes
  • Focusing on Landscape-Scale Planning
  • Creating Synergy with Other Platforms
  • Building Education and Awareness
  • Using Maps and Models in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Ensuring Individual Growth Relates to Landscape Growth

Within each key issue participants identified actions to address or advance the cause and actors who are necessary to its success.

The partners worked through The Land Use Dialogue (LUD) Initiative which is a multi-country engagement platform coordinated by TFD along with a variety of local and global partners that seek to gather knowledge and lead processes enabling responsible business and investment, improved governance and inclusive development in landscapes. The LUD aims to understand and improve the practical implementation of the ‘landscape approach’ in order to address the often-competing interests of different stakeholders in a landscape, which is central to sustainable land management and key for broader economic and social development.