Co-Chairs’ Summary: Scoping Dialogue on Understanding Deforestation-Free

The Forests Dialogue (TFD) convened a scoping dialogue on Understanding Deforestation-Free (UDF), hosted by the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, on 28–29 October 2014. The dialogue brought together 39 experts representing a diversity of sectors including industry, civil society, and non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations. Participants brought to the discussion deep professional expertise in the forest sector, as well as diverse experiences in observing, pressing for, designing, and implementing deforestation-free commitments.
This first UDF scoping-dialogue aimed to: 
  • Explore commonly held views on what is meant by ‘deforestation-free’;
  • Identify risks and opportunities associated with implementing deforestation-free policies; and
  • Establish specific, practical ways forward on key issues, and ensure preparedness to pursue them.
This report summarizes the key issues and questions that emerged from the dialogue which warrant further discussion. After treating these, the report concludes with participant-identified proposed ways forward.