Concept Note on The Land Use Dialogue

Across the globe, thought leaders from civil society, governments, and business are advancing a landscape approach to land-use and resource decision making. Such an approach seeks to address the often-competing interests of different stakeholders across a landscape to engage in multi-sectoral, collaborative land management.
For some, a landscape approach centers on national and regional participatory land use governance and management while for others it centers on private-public partnerships. Additionally, it is considered a mechanism to involve those rarely included in landscape level decision making, such as communities, helping to facilitate solutions that include and benefit them.
Due to an observed gap in how the landscape approach concept translates to successful implementation on the ground, members of The Forests Dialogue (TFD) Steering Committee developed the Land Use Dialogue (LUD) initiative. The goal of the LUD initiative is to support a multi-stakeholder platform for collaborative, adaptive land management in select landscapes around the world.