The Forests Dialogue produces and publishes a variety of documents - maintained in a comprehensive library below. The majority of TFD publications are developed through TFD’s initiative process, including the following major publication types. In the lead-up to an initiative, a foundational Scoping Paper is produced to provide context for the scoping dialogue. Background Reports that provide stakeholders with relevant location-specific content are created for each subsequent dialogue following the scoping dialogue. At the conclusion of a dialogue, the co-chairs, with help from the TFD secretariat, produce a Co-chairs’ Summary Report that captures the key perspectives, discussions, agreements, and next steps from the dialogue. At the conclusion of an initiative, the Advisory Group, co-chairs, select leaders, and the Secretariat synthesize the initiative’s conclusions into a TFD Review.  Additionally, Country Reports that aggregate learnings from a number of country-specific dialogues are typically produced for initiatives that involve numerous country-level dialogues, including TFD’s REDD+ dialogues. TFD also facilitates the production of guides and policy recommendations including a guide to the TFD process, the Land Use Dialogue methodology. These are geared towards practitioners or policy makers and contain actionable steps that stakeholders can take to enact change based on learnings gathered through the TFD process.

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TFD Brochure

TFD Brochure

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– Daisaku Ikeda