Tanzania Land Use Dialogue

In Tanzania, increasing land use demands from a diversity of sectors puts many landscapes at risk. Developing an integrated and holistic view of these landscapes requires a more participatory, integrated and bottom-up approach, balancing multiple objectives through engaging private and local stakeholders.
Facilitating a dialogue where multiple stakeholders can discuss and collaborate to align their objectives and identify common risks and opportunities can lead to a more efficient use and development of land resources. Providing the tools and concepts for allocating and managing land in the pursuit of social, economic, and environmental objectives in Tanzania - where agriculture and other productive land uses compete with environmental goals - is key for sustainable landscapes in the region.

Second Ihemi Cluster, Tanzania Land Use Dialogue

12 – 14 June 2017

Iringa, Tanzania

First Ihemi Cluster, Tanzania Land Use Dialogue

31 October - 3 November 2016

Iringa, Tanzania