15 March 2022
by Thibault Vermeulen, Yale School of the Environment, M.E.M ’23 and TFD Program Associate
Yale Forest Forum Review: The Promise and Practice of Community-Based Forestry
8 October 2021
The Yale Forest Forum (YFF) has been engaging people with the most important issues in forestry since 1994. In the spring of 2021, YFF brought together more than 1,000 registered attendees from all around the world for a series of Webinars to hear from 10 leaders and experts in community-based forestry (CBF). Communities increasing loss of rights to forest access and use has spurred interest in understanding and expanding the model of CBF.
1 December 2020
The year 2020 marks 20 years since TFD’s founding and we decided to take the opportunity to gather together leaders in the forest sector to reflect on the impact of TFD through the years, mark significant outcomes, and envision the role of dialogue for people and forests in the future. Additionally, the event launched three new TFD Publications: The TFD Book, If Trees Could Talk: 20 Years of The Forests Dialogue; The Forest Dialogue Guide and The Land Use Dialogue Guide.
23 November 2020
Many of us started this year with shining eyes, welcoming in a new decade of restoration and celebration, but have been met by immense challenges throughout 2020. While many of our plans for action and direct engagement have been thrown off or gone virtual, this has also been a time for reflection. In that spirit, The Forests Dialogue (TFD) welcomes you to celebrate its 20th anniversary, reflect on what has been accomplished, and envision the role of dialogue for people and forests in the future.
20 July 2020
Sara Santiago (M.F. ‘19)
10 June 2020
The  Forests Dialogue is an inclusive multi-stakeholder forum that seeks to ensure forested landscapes worldwide are used to enhance social, environmental and economic values for all. We note with shock and deep regret the murder of George Floyd and other recent incidents of racism and violence that have sparked protests in the USA and many other countries.