Field Dialogue on REDD+ Benefit Sharing in Mexico

2 June 2014 to 5 June 2014
Field Dialogue on REDD+ Benefit Sharing in Mexico
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The Mexico Dialogue was the fourth and final REDD+ Benefit Sharing Field Dialogue that offered a platform to take stock of the current status of benefit sharing. The Mexico Dialogue focused on lessons learned in Mexico, sharing these experiences with other REDD+ countries, and identifying key ways forward towards equitable, effective and efficient REDD+ benefit sharing, both in Mexico and internationally.

Participants spent two days visiting different field sites where they discussed  how benefit sharing mechanisms are designed and implemented with local communities, researchers, companies and government representatives. Based on the field trip experience as well as a background paper that introduced the context of Benefit Sharing discussions in Mexico, Dialogue participants took part in two days of facilitated discussions in both plenary and small groups. 
Photos from the Dialogue can be found here
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